Best Releasable Cable Ties: Reusable, Velcro, Zip
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Best Releasable Cable Ties: Reusable, Velcro, Zip

Have you ever felt tired of purchasing cable ties every time after you cut off the old one just because you need to adjust they way you tied things at the first place? In such situation like this, it seems to you that money are spending unwisely on zip ties because somehow you’re forced to cut it even though it’s still new due to inconsistent tying. I’m positive that you have been looking for the next level of zip ties which will help you solve this kind of problem.

In today’s review, I have collected three different choices of ties for cable, wires management, and other duties at home or office. Remember that these ties are releasable and you don’t have to worry about excessively zip ties purchase. Have a try and you’ll see the great benefits.

3. Cambridge Cable Ties 8 Inch 50 Lbs 100 Pcs, Releasable & Reusable Standard Duty, UV Black

Cambridge Cable Ties 8 Inch 50 Lbs 100 Pcs, Releasable & Reusable Standard Duty, UV Black

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Premium quality UL Listed cable ties manufactured from industrial strength Nylon 6/6 for long lasting product performance. Bundle diameter 1.97″ (50mm). Operating Temp -40 Degrees Fahrenheit to 185 Degrees Fahrenheit. 100 pc contractor size packaging. Recommended for outdoor or indoor use. Perfect for organizing a home, a office or a project around the house; doing small home renovations or a commercial construction job; merchandising product, hanging signs and banners, craft, sports or seasonal, holiday ornaments and so much more. Cambridge Cable Ties are the perfect choice for your cable management, organisational or bundling projects. Cambridge Performance driven and high quality products are preferred by industry leaders in the Electrical, HVAC, Automotive Aftermarket, Plumbing and Home Improvement Markets.


  • Can be released and used again and again
  • No ties are wasting
  • Helps reducing the increase of carbon-footprint
  • Ties more than one thing together without worries
  • Strong and hold tight


  • Cold weather can destroy its durability
  • A little bit bold and stiff; that’s it

2. Monoprice Releasable cable tie 6 inch 50LBS, 100pcs/Pack – Black

Monoprice Releasable cable tie 6 inch 50LBS, 100pcs/Pack - Black

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Use and reuse these Releasable Cable Ties from Monoprice. Cable management reduces the chance of someone tripping over a cable and damaging your valuable equipments or properties. Plastic zip ties are one of the easiest gadgets to use as a cable management device. Simply wrap the tie around a cable bundle, feed the tail into the head and pull it tight. A small latch on the head allows the locking mechanism to be released, allowing you to pull out the tail, add another cable to the bundle, then tie it back up again. These ties are 6 inches long and can support a maximum weight of up to 50 lbs.


  • Monoprice’s Lifetime Warranty
  • Supports up to 50 lbs
  • Each tie is rated to hold up to 18 lbs of weight
  • Each order includes 100 pieces.


  • Needs to strengthen up your strength to release the ties

1. AIRSUNNY 50pcs 150mm Releasable/Reusable Plastic Zip Cable Wire Tie for Organization/Management

AIRSUNNY 50pcs 150mm Releasable/Reusable Plastic Zip Cable Wire Tie for Organization/Management

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AIRSUNNY introduced us to another level of plastic ties – type of ties which enable you to tie and release if you did not tie correctly. This product is highly recommended for outdoor or indoor use and absolutely no doubt for home or office organising, construction job, heavy duties like hanging signs and banners, and so on. At your office or workplace, if you have just recently found that your network cables are not managed and tied properly, probably, this is time to use this type of ties for the sake of experiencing new effective gadget because the outdated ties can only tie but never have a chance to release and use it again. However, with this AIRSUNNY 50pcs 150mm Releasable/Reusable Plastic Ties, you no longer need to worry about small little problem like this.


  • Reusable with a snap release button
  • Great for organizing cables for systems A/V equipment and more
  • Much easier to use than Velcro ties
  • Takes years to lose its durability
  • Perfect for urgent hanging tasks


  • Short in length; that’s it

Conclusion for Cable Management

In conclusion, we can see that even though there are minor cons about these products, great benefits weight heavier than disadvantages. It is time to change our habit of using traditional ties which are fixed once tied. With these releasable one, you can both enjoy the freedom of tying things and you are actually helping to reduce the increase of carbon-footprint on this humanitarian planet Earth.